Does this sound like you?


  • Ecstatic when hired for your first teaching position?
  • Excited about preparing your classroom, the bulletin boards and learning centers as you anxiously look forward to the start of school?
  • Enthusiastic when developing your lessons to engage your students and inspire them to learn?
  • Eager to welcome, love, mentor, and inspire your students to reach for the stars?


​                                         or A FEW YEARS GO BY...

  • Excitement turned to exhaustion due to overtime meetings, activities, lesson planning, parent conferences and more?
  • Education became more about test scores and data than about the personal lives and needs of the students?
  • Energy levels decreased so there is not much left for those at home?
  • Enthusiasm for doing your life's work turned to thoughts of regrettably exiting the profession?


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​​​​​​America's youth are our future! Take care of yourself so you can take care of them! 

Let us help you hold onto your passion for teaching 

or let us help you find your joy again! 

We want to keep teachers in the classroom!

Let us know how we can help you!

We want you to know that we care and want to help you retain or regain your passion in the classroom so you will find joy in all areas of your life!

For Teachers

Helping to keep quality teachers in the classroom!

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  Teaching is the most important profession in the world  

  from which all other professions get their beginnings.

  We need teachers who:

  • want to teach 
  • who love children 
  • who can help train our youth to be good citizens
  • who enjoy seeing the light bulb go off when they grasp a new concept 
  • who often care more about teaching than they do about the amount of their paychecks.

  Our goals are:

  • taking care of teachers in the classroom
  • providing strategies so teachers can sustain their passion 
  • sharing ways for educators to maintain work-life balances
  • making sure that students are getting the best that they deserve
  • watching new teachers become veteran teachers
  • keeping veteran teachers in the classroom to share their wisdom!

….Educational Consultants

Cheri & Lloyd Sizemore