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​​​​​​​America's youth are our future! Take care of yourself so you can take care of them! 

Let us help you hold onto your passion for teaching 

or let us help you find your joy again! 

We want to keep quality teachers in the classroom!

Retaining quality teachers saves money, raises morale, and improves instruction.  

                        should invest in preparing teachers to recognize and prevent burnout to ensure that they are happier and are able to continue to produce high quality lessons.



In the early months of the pandemic, I did a podcast interview with Dr. Jamie Hipp of the Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM.

Even in non-pandemic times, the message applies. Listen below.

Take care of You!! Stay healthy! ​​

Helping to keep quality teachers in the classroom!

School Leaders


Cheri & Lloyd Sizemore 

​​​​An important part of educating future teachers is to share strategies to maintain balance in their lives to prevent burnout and to protect their career investments. Our                       ​education departments would do their students a great service by sharing these secrets.

Keeping                            who build positive relationships in the classroom is essential for producing quality graduates and responsible citizens. Let us help you discover balance at work, at home, and find inner peace to experience joy in every area of your life.

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